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Training Servants for the Master

College Checklist

Dormitory Checklist

The following  items are  necessary  for dormitory life:

Bed linens

Twin sheets, pillow, and pillow cases
Twin spread and blanket

Towels and Washcloths

Personal Hygiene Items

Soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, shampoo

Shaver, curling iron, hair dryer


Dress clothes

Ladies: required to wear nice dresses or skirts and blouses/sweaters to all classes, chapel, and meals. Dress shoes and nylons are also required.

Men: required to wear dress slacks, nice shirt with tie to all classes and Sport jackets/suits are required for chapel and all church services. Dress shoes and dark socks are also required.

Leisure clothes

Ladies: Culottes, knee socks are permitted. Ladies will not wear slacks or jeans at anytime. Running shoes are required for gym activities.

Men: Shirts and casual slacks/jeans are permitted. Running shoes are required for gym activities.

Clothing Care Products

Laundry  hamper or bag
Please do not bring an over-abundance of clothing. You must take into consideration that you will be sharing space with other students. You will have three drawers and approximately 36″ of hanging space available.

Only laptop or notebook computers will be permitted in the dormitories. DVDs may not be viewed or stored on your computer.   The computer lab will be available to all students.

Personal Checklist

College life is a very active life. You will probably be busier than you have ever been in your life.

1. Be prepared to be active in your study.
2. Be prepared to work to meet your financial responsibilities.
3. Be prepared to serve Christ in a ministry at FaithWay Baptist Church on a weekly basis.
4. Be prepared for regular social and extra-curricular activities.


We do not believe that the world should set our standard of behavior, but rather the Word of God. Therefore, be firm in your standards of behavior.

1. Does it glorify God?
2. Does it build up self and others?
3. Is it associated with worldly trends?
4. Will it cause another to stumble?


In these days when it seems that people always take the easy way out, it is important that you come to FaithWay committed to the task before you.

1. Committed to “studying to show yourself approved”
2. Committed to serving your Saviour
3. Committed to honouring your parents and pastor by your diligence
4. Committed to “finishing the course”

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